Honey Production and Beekeeping

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This page is dedicated to the beekeeping division of Friddle's Custom Sawing

September 2007

We finally had an opportunity to take off the fall and summer honey the first of November. That along with the spring honey came to about 550 pounds of honey. That is just about what I had hoped for.

January 2100 update
We now have some of our nice dark honey for sale in quarts for $14 without comb. Contact me at (336)210-0144 if you would like to purchase some of our delicous honey. 

Bee sting therapy

More info to come about this topic later.

A Nice Swarm of Bees to Bring Home

Collecting a Swarm From a Cedar Tree

The above photo is of me going up the ladder to cut down a swarm of bees that came out of one of our hives. When we catch a swarm like this we like to take it to another location for a couple of weeks because that helps them get settled in and be less likely to leave the hive to try and get farther away from the hive that they came out of. When bees swarm, the queen is fleeing for her life. If she stays the other queen will likely kill her.